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 Jonah and the Little Blue Fish!

A different take on "Jonah and the Whale," of the Old Testament,

with the addition of a New Testament Bible Lesson on the Prodigal Son.

written and illustrated by
All rights reserved by © 2000 Gramma Cherbear

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Hi Kids! Did you know Jonah in the Bible was a real person and God did everything He says He did in the story of Jonah and the whale? He wanted us to know about His Power, His Love, His Mercy, and the way He wants us to obey Him. God's promise is that He loves us and will hear our prayers.

We learn of another person in the Bible in the book of Matthew. He is known as the prodigal son. Like Jonah, he did not do what was right. When things got tough he learned to listen to God. See God's love and mercy as you read "Jonah and the Little Blue Fish! Have Fun!

When you see the word SCENE, read what it says too! When I paint the pictures they will look like the words describe them here. See if you can picture them in your mind!



God speaks to Jonah on the shore. 

A town is on a hill in the background. 

© 1999 Cherbear

God to Jonah

I have chosen you Jonah,

to present My case.

My people must change,

and be saved by My grace.


I'll speak to their hearts

and clear your way.

My message has power.

Please, do what I say.


Jonah turns to the sea, away from God, as he disagrees. 

Jonah to God

They have no morals.

For them, it's to late.

Don't save them, Lord.

Your love is too great!


Your people are lost.

They will not fear.

I'll sail to a land

that is far from here.

© 1999 Cherbear


The Fish Family, at home in the Sea.

Lots of colorful coral and a fish town in the background.


Little Blue Fish is talking with his Mom and Dad!

First he speaks to Father Green Fish.

Father Green Fish,

I must see more.

I know I am small,

but I wish to explore.

Little Blue Fish,

you should stay near.

The dangers are many!

Your shelter is here.




Little Blue Fish speaks with Mother Red Fish.

Big Brother Yellow Fish is listening in the background.

 Mother Red Fish,

do not worry about me.

Please understand.

I must head to the sea.

Brother Yellow Fish

is content to stay home.

We don't understand

why you think you must roam.


Little Blue Fish alone in the Sea.

He is day dreaming about his wonderful adventure.
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©1998 Cherbear

I will leave home

and be fine on my own.

Brother Yellow Fish

just fears being alone.


I can care for myself.

No harm will I see.

I will gain riches.

Then they will agree.


Wally the whale, roaming in the background

as Little Blue Fish carelessly swims

with no fear of the danger to come.

Wally comes from behind and swallows him.

© 1999 Cherbear

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 Do Not Copy, Print or Use on the Net
©1998 Cherbear


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