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Curriculum for Teacher

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God's Line in the Sand 

This is a skit for this lesson! Have Fun! 

What you need for this Skit:

(simple picture of the beach and the ocean draw a line between them)

Fill a bag for the beach. Be creative!

    or mat board
puppet (friend)
water bottle
bubble bath
shovel & pale
Kid's Bible
Create your beach and ocean out of card board or mat board and spread in front of you. You should have a line separating the beach from the ocean. Speak with the class about the ocean, swimming, the deep, the sun etc. In your conversation, your friend will tell an obvious lie. You will tactfully confront him. Your friend should get a bit remorseful. He will ask for forgiveness from the class. Ask the kids what just happened. (he told a lie) Ask what God calls that lie. (sin) Ask the kids. "What can we do with this sin? (nothing) Explain how God can throw all of our sins in the bottom of the sea. But first we have to know His Son, Jesus in a personal way.

What can we do with a sin?

Stepping over the line in the sand is stepping into sin. Doing wrong things instead of right things separates us from God's blessings. When we go into the rough waters of the ocean, we cannot swim. We sink to the bottom and cannot be seen. When we know His Son, Jesus, we can give our sins to Him! God will put them in the deepest part of the ocean. God will see as His own children.

We can give it to Jesus!

Staying on the sandy beach and shallow waters will keep us safe. God's Word will teach us how to live. We are safe with His Holy Spirit to keep us floating. God loves us and wants us to choose right instead of wrong. Choosing to give our sins to Jesus will bring us God's mercy. Jesus is our way to God. He is our best friend. He loves us and has given us a new forever life with God.

(You can use the soap or bubble bath as a parallel to Jesus washing us clean. Relate the warmth and light of the sun to God's forgiveness and peace with Jesus.)


God Calls Jonah - A play for Children 

Enjoy this Sunday School Play - Gramma Cherbear's Book in Rhyme

Jonah and the Little Blue Fish
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 Gramma Cherbear uses Jonah in the search for God on the Beach!

 God Called Jonah by Gramma Cherbear

Tell the story of Jonah. Make sure the kids know that it really happened.

I tell them, "God can do anything He wants to do! He is God!"

Christian Family Devotional

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