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This original Bible Study from Gramma Cherbear with daily devotions and weekly curriculum for the teachers of the study approaches the real life issues facing our children ever day. Behavior plays an important part in Christian development. What they do with "good" and "bad" behavior becomes the unanswered question for many. God has the answers in "His Instruction Book!" It is my privilege to bring what I believe are some of the ways God would have us choose to live and handle our behaviors, both good and bad. Bringing these to children in the early years is paramount! Gramma Cherbear and the Kid Cave Critters teach the awesome power Jesus has to change our attitudes and help us control our feelings. Talk about a blended family; These are the days of the blended family and living in the Kid Cave Forest gives the critters many opportunities to celebrate their differences and choose between "what is right" and "what is wrong" according to the instruction expert Himself, Almighty God! We are never too young nor too old to learn the deep things of God. Joshua Jackrabbit, Emmi Squirrel, and Liam Leapfrog, help lead us on God's "forever" path. The illustrations make it fun to learn about His plans and His ways! Don't miss the coloring pages and the daily devotions at the end of each lesson. You will find links to these as well as a link to the "curriculum page" to aid in the teaching of God's Word.

My children, come. Listen to me.

I will teach you to have respect for the Lord.

Psalm 34:11

Free Printable Weekly Illustrated Christian Bible Studies with Devotions

for Children from Gramma Cherbear and her Critters!

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Happy New Year!

Cherbear's Family Devotional

What is NEW in the New Year?

Start preparing your lesson plans soon!

Free Printable Introduction Curriculum for Teachers

6 lesson series for

New Years Week End!

 What's "New" when we ask Jesus to come to "live" in our hearts?

These 6 lessons will tell us! Learn to watch for the changes!

Last Lesson of Dec

Going into the New Year

1. New Life - Casting Out the Line!
  #1 January 2. New Direction - Seeking the Right Path!
 #2 January 3. New Attitude - Hiking With A Partner
 #3 January 4. New Vision -Flying With the Eagles   
 #4 January 5. New Creature - Be Ready For Quick Turns
see also  Valentines Day

Valentines Page for Kids / God's Great Love!

Cherbear's Valentines for Kids

Faith, Hope, and Love

#1 February Valentines Day pt1

#2 February Valentines Day pt2

 What's "New"
Continue: Last Study of the What's New When You Know Jesus!
#3 February
 10 week series begins

Ten week study with the Ten Commandments and the Beatitudes taught together!

The Ten Commandments Notes for the Teacher

 #4 February 1. Balancing on a Log
 #1 March
See also: St. Patrick's Day

Cherbear's St. Patrick's Day

Luck or Blessings

#2 March
#3 March
See also

Easter in Cherbear's Den for Kids!

Easter is for Kids and for the little ones Easter for Tots

#4 March Palm Sunday 1. Bridging the Gap

What is Salvation?

A book to lead children to Jesus

#1 April Easter Sunday 2. Heavenly Ascent
10 week series resumes

Cont: Ten Commandments and the Beatitudes

#2 April
#3 April 6. Tossing the Life Line 
#4 April 7. Receiving A Badge of Honor
#5 April 8. Look Before You Leap!
  #1 May
#2 May - Mothers Day
3 week series begins

Teacher's Curriculum Page for:

#3 May 1. Stand Firm with the OAK! pt1
#4 May - Memorial Day 2. Stand Firm with the OAK! pt2
#1 June
#2 June - Fathers Day Trail Guides for Living VBS Related
#3 June Pointing the Way VBS Related
#4 June - Independence Day Searching Through the Brush VBS Related
4th of July pages

Fourth of July for Kids in Cherbear's Den

Fruit of the Spirit

8 week Study

Extra Notes for the Teacher

#1 July 1. Self Control - "this way and that way"
#2 July 2. Faithfulness - We need faithful friends
#3 July 3. Gentleness & Mercy - Path of Mercy
#4 July 4. Goodness & Kindness - Providing a Shelter 
#5 July 5. Patience - Reaching for Higher Ground 
#1 August 6. Peace - A Place of Rest
#2 August 7. Joy - Share Your Blessings 
#3 August 8. Love - Walk on God's Path
#4 August - Labor Day Mischief in the Den
#1 September Repair and Renew
#2 September Peace in the Meadow
#3 September What Shall We Eat? pt 1
#4 September
#5 September Who Owns the Land? pt 1
 #1 October Who Owns the Land? pt 2
#2 October Halloween The Campfire Lights the Darkness pt 1

Halloween Alternative

Fall Fun Fest in Cherbear's Den

#3 October Halloween

#4 October Help for the Wanderer
#1 November Hold onto the Rope Tightly
#2 November Thanksgiving 1 Watch for the Sunset! pt 1
See also Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving at Cherbear's Den "

Five Grains of Corn"

#3 November Thanksgiving 2 Watch for the Sunset! pt 2
#4 November Stone Markers
# 1 December The Buddy System
#2 December Christmas Charting the Course

Christmas Pages at Cherbear's Den

Christmas at Cherbear's Den

#3 December Christmas
#4 December Hiding Behind a Lily Pad
#5 December

Happy New Year

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