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One Year Free Illustrated Bible Study and Daily Devotions for Children

Free printable illustrated Christian Children's Bible Study with Devotions for Kids

Animation Trail is a One Year Topical Illustrated Christian Bible Study for children with daily devotions the kids will find easy to understand. It comes complete with these coloring pages and a full curriculum for teachers of Sunday School and Kids Church. Gramma Cherbear and the Kid Cave Critters teach the awesome power Jesus has to change our attitudes and help us control our feelings. My Critters love to share the Gospel with children.The focus is on behavior with studies from the bible on the Full Armor of God, The Fruits of the Spirit, The Ten Commandments, The Beatitudes, and many other life lessons from God.This page is for the Topical Index of the Bible Study. You will also find a link to this study in the bible you may use by the dates of the calender year. Five daily devotion links follow each lesson.

Coloring Page Selections!

(On years when the number of weeks and holidays change,

you will need to adjust your lessons accordinly!)

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# week of the month
Weekly Coloring Book for Animation Trail Bible Study
from Gramma Cherbear and her Critters!
Jan.   1. New Life - Casting Out the Line! Salvation for kids
#1 January   2. New Direction - Seeking the Right Path! Salvation for kids
#2 January   3. New Attitude - Hiking With A Partner Salvation for kids
#3January   4. New Vision -Flying With the Eagles  Salvation for kids 
#4 January   5. New Creature - Be Ready For Quick Turns Salvation for kids
#1 February Valentine1  God's Search - Hide and Go Seek God's Valentine
#2 February Valentine 2  God's Valentine - Rescued From the Water God's Valentine
#3 February
 6. New Beginnings - Rise and Shine Salvation for kids
#4 February 1. Balancing on a LogTen Commandments/Beatitudes
#1 March 2. Only One ConductorTen Commandments/Beatitudes
#2 March 3. Swimming UpstreamTen Commandments/Beatitudes
#3 March St. Patricks 4. A Restful EscapeTen Commandments/Beatitudes
#4 March Bridging the Gap Easter message
#1 April Easter Heavenly Ascent Easter message
#2 April 5. Helping HandsTen Commandments/Beatitudes
#3 April 6. Tossing the Life LineTen Commandments/Beatitudes
#4 April 7. Receiving A Badge of HonorTen Commandments/Beatitudes
#5 April 8. Look Before You Leap!Ten Commandments/Beatitudes
#1 May 9. Campfire Tales & Fish StoriesTen Commandments/Beatitudes
#2 May 10. Home Sweet Home!Ten Commandments/Beatitudes
#3 May 1.  Stand Firm with the OAK! pt1 Full Armor of God
#4 May 2.  Stand Firm with the OAK! pt2 Full Armor of God
#1 June 3. Stand Firm with the OAK! pt3Full Armor of God
#2 June Trail Guides for Living VBS Related
#3June Pointing the Way VBS Related
#4 June Searching Through the Brush VBS Related
#1 July 1. Self Control - This Way and That Fruits of the Spirit
#2 July 2. Faithfulness - We Need Faithful Friends Fruits of the Spirit
#3 July 3. Gentleness & Mercy - Path of Mercy Fruits of the Spirit
#4 July 4. Goodness & Kindness - Providing a Shelter Fruits of the Spirit
#5 July 5. Patience - Reaching for Higher Ground Fruits of the Spirit
#1 August 6. Peace - A Place of Rest Fruits of the Spirit
#2 August 7. Joy - Sharing Your Blessings Fruits of the Spirit
#3 August 8. Love - Walk on God's Path Fruits of the Spirit
#4 August Mischief in the Den
#1 September Repair and Renew
#2 September Peace in the Meadow
#3 September What Shall We Eat? pt 1
#4 September What Shall We Eat? pt 2
#5 September Who Owns the Land? pt 1
#1 October Who Owns the Land? pt 2
#2 October The Campfire Lights the Darkness pt 1 Halloween Christian kids
#3October The Campfire Lights the Darkness pt 2 Halloween Christian kids
#4 October Help for the Wanderer
#1 November Hold onto the Rope Tightly
#2 November Thanksgiving Watch for the Sunset! pt 1 Thanksgiving
#3 November Watch for the Sunset! pt 2 Thanksgiving
#4 November Stone Markers
#1 Debember The Buddy System
#2 December Charting the Course Merry Christmas
#3 December Christmas Star Light, Star Bright Merry Christmas
#4 December Hiding Behind a Lily Pad
#5 December 1. New Life - Casting Out the Line! Salvation for kids
#1 January
Happy New Year!

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All copyrights © 1995  to (current date) by Gramma Cherbear
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