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Christian Children's Book Author and Illustrator, Gramma Cherbear, shares her Story Books, Weekly Illustrated Bible Studies and Daily Devotions for Children and Teenagers. Here, I list some of the books I have written which can only be seen online. I link up to other sites on the web of Christian interest, with devotional value and much more in my "Sensational Sisters of Sarah" page. Don't miss that one! I had so much fun creating it and working with these wonderful Web Women of the Word. We are a seven stranded cord that cannot be broken, sister's in Christ serving in the World Wide Web.

"Animation Trail," is a one year bible study for children. Each lesson includes five daily "Trail Blazer," devotions, a coloring page, and a curriculum study guide for the parents and Sunday School teacher. You also will find skits and Holiday books and activities in the Kid Caverns. The Teen Caverns offer this study bible study rewritten for Teenagers as the Teen Trail of Truth with daily and weekly devotions to suit their learning curve. You will find easy to follow lesson plans where the entire family can study on the same Biblical subject or principle at the same time in Cherbear's Family Devotional.

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Cherbear's Den

This is a special parents entrance to the Den.

Many of the pages featured here are not of interest to children,

and are for encouragement and faith building for grown up visitors.

In Faith, He... Devotional for Christian Families. You may sign up for this devotional to come as a Newsletter Devotional, complete with links to the curriculum page and the links to the children and teen Bible studies and devotions which coinside with each devotion. The grown up devotional is Cherbear's witness and testimony of faith in Jesus Christ, to do all things well. Hope, Help, and Encouragement from God's Word! As a weekly study, everyone in the family will have his/her own Bible Study and Devotion, yet remain united within their studies! I would love to have your comments on how this will benefit your family or Sunday School bible study and devotion times. I began the study in August of 2012 and will continue through 2013.

What Did Jesus Do? What is Salvation? for adults and older teens. What is Salvation? for younger teens. Strengthen your walk with the Lord. Grow in Maturity. Come and see what God has done for us.

Sensational Sisters of Sarah Cherbear is very pleased to be associated with some of the Christian Internet's top web ministries! This is a new kind of art for Cherbear, I had great fun with this Purple People Blesser Bus and all these wonderful Web Women of the Word.

Cherbear's Journal I have listed my qualifications and training as well as events that have shaped who I am today. Go to Brussels Belgium with Cherbear as she teaches Fractal Design Painter, and read my speech to the Christian Women's Club as I answer God's call on my life.

Sunday School Curriculum pages for Teachers of children, preteens and teens

Chrisitan Bible Studies & Devotions for Kids and Teens

by dates and by Topics

One Year Weekly Animation Trail Bible Study

Coloring pages for Kids also by dates or by Topics

One Year Daily Christian Trail Blazer Devotions for Kids

One Year WeeklyIllustrated Bible study for Preteens and early Teens

One Year Daily Devotions for Teens for Preteens and early Teens

One Year Weekly Biblical Insights Devotions for more mature Teens

Kid Cave Gospel Kids When activetly teaching, Gramma Cherbear presents the gospel message to children in her church an average of once a month or more. What a wonderful challenge this is and will be be in the future. Each time I think of a new way to present Jesus to the children, I will make sure to share it with you as I create a new page in the Kid Cave where kids can have fun learning. I hope you will visit this page and labor of love.

Gospel for Teens and Gospel for Preteens Listings ofthe pages within this site where the Good News of Christ is presented to teens and to preteens by Gramma Cherbear. I have added these special pages which lists the many pages in Cherbear's Den where the Gospel of Jesus Christ and His free gift of salvation are presented to teens and preteens. There are many ways to tell the "Good News" or the Gospel of Jesus Christ and God's saving grace; He wants us to know Him in a very personal way. We can help others to know Him too! Say a prayer and enter into a relationship with Jesus that will bring you into a new life in Him!

My Honors page is where I list the wonderful recognition given to Cherbear's Den through the web and elsewhere. Cherbear's Favorite Links , banner exchanges lead you to web sites I enjoy and friends I have made on the net! Friends is a page dedicated to friends I have made on the net. These are top quality web sites!

Hug on For Your Life, Women's Ministry. JESUS and His Calvary Hug is the ultimate hug in this book by my close friend and colleague Marcia Walthers. I share the illustrations I am creating and hope to illustrate this book, when it is published.

Child Protective Policy Practices of Cherbear's Den

Christian Family Devotional

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Cherbear's Holiday Caverns for Christian Families!

New Years - What's New With Jesus Sunday School Lessons to begin the year teaching children and preteens what is new when they have a personal relationship with Jesus. Presenting the Gospel of Jesus, these are six lessons in the Animation Trails Bible Study for Kids and the Trails of Truth Bible Study for preteens and early teens, which deal with our "New Life" when we know Jesus Christ as our Savior and Lord. Each study has 5 daily devotions with memory verses and weekly insights into the bible for the teens.

Kid's Bible Study Links

Life | Direction | Attitude | Vision | Creature | Beginning

Bible Studies rewritten for Teens

Life | Direction | Attitude | Vision | Creature | Beginning

Continue here with Holiday Caverns

Valentine's Day for Christian children My site is largely dedicated to children, so it should be no surprise that this Valentine's Page would be for them. I think the teens will enjoy it too. God has much to say about how He feels about you! Valentine's Day for Christians is a Valentine message from Gramma Cherbear to those who wish to possess a "Pure Heart," and written by my Net friend, Teresa Kindred. She was lead by God to send it to me to use how I wished...I think it is worthy of a thorough study!

St. Patrick's Day for Christians Luck or Blessings from God? This holiday page is also for children, but they will need the guidance of an adult to follow it. This page is a wonderful lesson on how we can be Blessed by God!

Easter Cavern for Christians The story of Salvation for Adults and Grown ups together with a special viewing of my painting of the Ascension of Christ. Easter is for The Lamb of God! My Easter page for Kids. Bunny's, Chicks, and Eggs take a back seat to the Lamb of God. This page is designed as a Salvation tract for children.

What is Salvation? for kids This is a book about the saving grace of Jesus Christ, easy for children to understand, and you will find a wonderful Easter Cookie and Easter Rolls recipes for your parents to help you bake the night before Easter Sunday! Easter is for JESUS is a page presenting the gospel to tots, in the form of the shapes in the Bible.

4th of July Cavern for Christians at Cherbear's Den Celebrate Independence Day and find links to Government offices and Christian organizations involved our Government.

Fall's Fright or Heaven's Light, Halloween Cavern for Christians Gramma Cherbear's Critters host a "Fall Fun Festival" as they celebrate the victory Jesus gave us over Satan and his evil ways.

Thanksgiving Cavern Read about the tradition of the Five Grains of Corn and other bits- of - praise. Don't Miss! Thanksgiving celebration in the Kid Cave

Christmas Cavern Learn about the origin of the Twelve Days of Christmas, and the Prophets foretelling of the coming of the Messiah. What's in the Name above all names? There is more too! Go on in. You will have fun!

'Pot-O-Honey' Tid Bits Cavern

Easter Cookies and Easter Rolls Cooking with your children to teach the true meaning of EASTER!

Georgia's Kitchen Be sure to go on into Georgia's Recipe Heaven! I understand that not only is Georgia a GREAT cook, she is a busy Pastor's wife. In her web ministry, she brings nourishment to your soul! Don't miss Georgia's Holiday Menus.

Christmas Pudding This is just a sweet little recipe in my Christmas pages I though you would enjoy.

Peggie's Kitchen selected recipes from Peggies' kitchen at Peggie's Place.Who sez Peggie can't cook?

Bee My Honey Bee A delightlful page about a special Buzz! 

Christian Family Devotional

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