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Path Seeker Verse
"The Lord says,"I look deep down inside human hearts.
I see what is in people's minds.
I reward a man in keeping with his conduct.
I bless him based on what he has done."
Jeremiah 17:10

Path Finder Lesson

Blessed Actions

We love God and want to help others know about the love of Jesus. God wants to help us. When our minds are thinking about doing what is right, God knows our thoughts are good. He hears us and He is there to help in what we are doing. His Holy Spirit will will guide us to others whose hearts want to please God. God rewards our good actions. He blesses us when we want to do good work, just because we love Him. Loving Him the same way He loves us will help us to be a blessing to other people.

Path Connection Prayer

Bless me Lord,

When I think and do what is right in Your eyes. I want my actions to bless other people. Help me Lord and guide me as I act the way You want me to act.

In Jesus Name


Daily Trail Blazer Devotions

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