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Path Seeker Verse
"Dear children, don't just talk about love,
Put your love into action, Then it will truly be love."
1John 3:18

Path Finder Lesson

Action Counts

Sometimes we say lovely words about how much we love God. We talk about loving other people. We promise to love even those who do not love us. It is what is inside of our heart that really counts. It is the action of loving God, the action of loving others, and the action of loving our enemies that really counts. We can only love in great ways when we have Jesus as our Savior and the Holy Spirit helps us to love the way God loves. Pray for God to help you love the way He loves.


Path Connection Prayer

Heavenly Father,

Your love for me was so strong that You sent Your only Son, Jesus to die on the cross so I can live with you forever. I did not deserve that kind of love. Help me to have love for others, no matter what!


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