Today's Trail Blazer Devotion

Path Seeker Verse
"The LORD hates those whose lips tell lies.
But he is pleased with people who tell the truth."
Proverbs 12:22

Path Finder Lesson

Pleasing God

God tells us many times in His Word that He hates for us to tell lies. He also tells us He loves us to obey Him and do what is right. We make choices every day. The choices we make will show God if we are listening to Him. If we choose to tell the truth, He knows we are hearing Him. He can see us becoming more like His Son, Jesus, each time we choose to do what is right. When we must choose between good or bad, we must remember to do what is pleasing to God.

Path Connection Prayer

Lord God,

The more I agree with You about what is good and what is bad, the closer I feel to You. When I choose to do what is right, I know You are watching. Thank You for loving me at all times.


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