Today's Trail Blazer Devotion

Path Seeker Verse
"...The LORD hates proud eyes, a lying tongue, and hands that kill those who aren't guilty..."

Proverbs 6:17

Path Finder Lesson

Can God Hate?

A lying tongue is found in someone who would rather tell a lie than speak the truth. God hates it when people are too proud to let Him be the boss. He hates for us to lie. He wants us to honor Him and know He is God. When we tell the truth it pleases God. God hates SIN and what it does to us. He loves everyone but hates for us to do bad things. Sin hurts God. We should hate sin and always try to do what is pleasing to God.


Path Connection Prayer

Heavenly Father,

You love people and hate sin. I want to love what you love and hate what you hate. Help me to see that lying is a sin. I want to do what You tell me is right.

In Jesus Name,


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