Today's Trail Blazer Devotion

Path Seeker Verse
"May honesty and good life keep me safe.
I have put my hope in you."

Psalms 25:21

Path Finder Lesson

Good Living Hope

Christians live by faith in God. This faith leads us to hope in very big ways, for the blessings God has promised in His Word. God's promises are for those who obey Him. He knows we cannot be perfect. Only Jesus is Perfect. However, He wants us to try to be like His Son. He wants us to grow in our love for Him. God cares for us and wants to protect us and keep us safe. He can do that when we listen to Him and choose to live the way He tells us to live.


Path Connection Prayer

Lord Jesus,

I want to be like You. I pray I will remember to ask myself if You would act the way I act or do the things I do. Help me grow up with "good living hope," as I study Your Word.


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