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"In six days I made the heavens and the earth. I made the oceans and everything in them. But I rested on the seventh day. So I blessed the Sabbath day and made it holy."

Exodus 20:11

Path Finder Lesson

Blessed Rest


Can you see our Holy God in need of rest? He is the One who said it, so it has to be true. All of what God says, He has done. He blessed the seventh day, after He had created all of the heavens and the earth, as a day of rest. He said His work was good, but blessed a resting time when He could look at what He had done and be ready to go forward in His plan to create humans who would love Him and obey Him. Don't just rest on Sundays. Spend that day remember how wonderful God really is!


Path Connection Prayer

How wonderful are all of the works of Your hands, LORD. You always show us how to do what is good and helpful as we seek to live as You want us to live. Help me to rest and remember You always, but especially on Sunday!


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