Trail Blazer Daily Devotion

Path Seeker Verse
"Our help comes from the LORD.
He is the Maker of heaven and earth."
Psalm 124:8

Path Finder Lesson

Our Help Comes

Our help does come from the LORD. God is the true source of every good thing that happens to and for us. When we are in trouble of any kind, He says for us to "Call on His Name" and He will be right there with us. He will be our help in times of trouble. He will be the source of our joy as well. He is the creator of all of heaven and all that is in the earth. Why would we call on any other name when GOD HIMSELF wants to be our HELPER! Cry out to the Lord Jesus when You need help!

Path Connection Prayer

Lord Jesus,

I want to remember I should turn to You first when I need help, and not wait until I have tried to do everything by myself or by calling on someone else. Thank You for being my Helper!


Mon. Honor God's Name
Tue. Our Help Comes
Wed. Worshiping the Name
Thur. Without a Doubt
Fri. Trust in the Name

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