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Path Seeker Verse
"Those who make statues of gods don't amount to anything. And the statues they think so much of are worthless. Those who would speak up for them are blind. They don't know anything, so they will be put to shame."
Isaiah 44:9

Path Finder Lesson

Only A Statue


God tells us not to make statues and worship them. He says these statues that some people pray to are worthless and we should not agree with Religions that worship them. If we worship statues and pray to idols, God says we do not know Him! He is the only true God. God will see to it that those who worship other gods will be punished and shamed. Be sure you know Jesus as your Lord and Savior! He is the only God who is alive and real and can give us a forever life with Him in heaven.

Path Connection Prayer

Lord God,

I have seen that some people do worship other gods and pray to idols. Thank you for showing me that You are the only true God and all idols are false gods. Help me to know Jesus and live with You forever.


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