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Path Seeker Verse
"Do not make statues of gods that look like anything in the sky or

on the earth or in the waters. Do not bow down to them or worship them.

I am the Lord your God. I am a jealous God..."
Deuteronomy 5:8-9

Path Finder Lesson

A Jealous God

God has every right to expect us to worship only Him. He doesn't want us putting anyone or anything ahead of Him. When we love anyone or anything more than we love God, we are making them idols in our lives. God is jealous when our hearts are turned away from Him. He wants us to pray, study His Word and try to be like Jesus. When we do these things, we can love God most of all. God knows what we think and feel and when He is NUMBER ONE! He will give everything else to us in just the right order.

Path Connection Prayer

Heavenly Father,

Remind me daily to put You first and everything else next. Help me to trust and rely on Your Great Love. I want to give You 1st place in my life.


Mon. A Jealous God
Tue. Only a Statue
Wed. Costume Angel
Thur. Standing Firm
Fri. God is Watching

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