Trail Blazer Daily Devotion

Path Seeker Verse
        not put any other gods in place of me."
        are the poor in spirit,
for theirs is the kingdom of heaven."
Matthew 5:3
"Blessed are the meek,
for they will inherit the earth."
Matthew 5:8

Path Finder Lesson

Heavenly & Earthly Price


Sometimes, we want what we want NOW, and think everything we want is owed to us. You might think by reading the verses above, this could be true. However, it all comes with a heavenly & earthly cost. Jesus died so we could live! Our God has given us the earth, and heaven too! He wants our willingness to wait on Him to do things the way He knows is best. He is worthy of our praise. He demands we love Him most of all. He tells us not to put anything in place of Him. We gain heaven and earth when we learn that He does not owe us "ANYTHING."


Path Connection Prayer

Heavenly Father,

When I start to think that everything I want should be given to me, help me remember Jesus and His love for me. I worship You because You are God, not because of what You give me.


Mon. Heavenly & Earthly Price
Tue. Everlasting Gift
Wed. Uplifting Praise
Thur. Seeing His Beauty
Fri. Serve Your Master

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