Trail Blazer Daily Devotion

Path Seeker Verse
"Now Jesus is Prince and Savior. God has proved this by giving him a place of honor at his own right hand. He did it so that he could turn Isreal away from their sins and forgive them."
Acts 5:30

Path Finder Lesson

Prince and Savior


Jesus is our Savior and He is the Prince of Peace. When He was raised from the dead, He became King above all kings, our Master and the Ruler over everything! He went to the cross to die so we could be forgive for our sins. He loved us and wanted to bring us to God the Father. But He had to bring us clean and without sin. The only way for Him to do that was to take our punishment for us. Jesus is at the right hand of the Father and is always asking Father God to show us His grace and give us His blessings.

Path Connection Prayer

Lord Jesus

You have given me so many blessings. I thank You for taking away my sins and always asking Father God to bless me more.


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