Daily Trail Blazer Devotions

Path Seeker Verse
"What the LORD says is right and true.
He is faithful in everything he does."
Psalms 33:4

Path Finder Lesson

Always True


God calls His Word "Truth." What He says in His Word is True. It is the way He teaches us about the lies of Satan, the world and even the lies we tell ourselves to believe. He brings His Truth to us through the Bible because He loves us. He knows how much the lies will hurt us. He is a Holy God, perfect in all he does, and He what He says is always right and always true.


Path Connection Prayer


I know what you say is always true. Protect me from the lies of Satan, this world and from the lies I try to tell myself. You love me with Your Word of Truth.

In Jesus Name


Mon. The Faithful God
Tue. Always True
Wed. Appointed Servant
Thur. One Who Promised
Fri. Faithful and Fair

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