Daily Trail Blazer Devotions

Path Seeker Verse
"So I want you to realize that the LORD your God is God.
He is the faithful God. He keeps His covenant for all time to come.
He keeps it with those who love Him and obey His commands.
He shows them His love."
Deuteronomy 7: 9

Path Finder Lesson

The Faithful God

God has proven Himself faithful. What He says is truth and what He says, He will do. He promised us He will never leave us and He will not. He has given His Spirit to be with us at all times. Those who love God can show God how much they love Him by doing what He says is right. When we obey God, He shows Himself and His love to us. When we do what is right in His eyes, He sees our love for Him. He is our Lord and He is a Faithful God.


Path Connection Prayer

Lord God,

You are my faithful God. I know You are always with me. I want You to see the love I have for You as I do what is right.


Mon. The Faithful God
Tue. Always True
Wed. Appointed Servant
Thur. One Who Promised
Fri. Faithful and Fair

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