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"Those who are controlled by their sinful nature can't please God."
Romans 8:8

Path Finder Lesson

Uncontrolled Nature

Our sinful nature will keep us out of control if we listen to what it says. It is a part of us that does not care about pleasing God. It just wants to have its own way. When we let our feelings rule how we act we are heading for trouble. God wants His Spirit inside of us to lead us into right actions. We cannot be lead by God's Spirit and the devil at the same time. Being controlled by the sinful nature is never pleasing to God. Choosing God's way is always best.


Path Connection Prayer

Father God,

I know sometimes I let my sinful nature and my feelings, decide how I will act. Rescue me when I start to act badly. Help me to act the way You want me to act.


Mon. Live With Honor
Tue. Wisdom in Control
Wed. Uncontrolled Nature
Thur. Belong to Christ
Fri. Spiritual Death
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