Trail Blazer Daily Devotion

Path Seeker Verse
"But let all those who look to you be joyful and glad
because of what you have done.
Let those who love you because you saved them always say,
"May the LORD be honored!"
Psalms 40:16

Path Finder Lesson

Praise the Savior

Praise Him, worship Him, honor Him, and above all Love Him! Why? Because God says we are to be thankful and joyful about Jesus giving His life so we could know God. He saved us for a forever life with God in Heaven! He also saved us to have a better life while we live on earth. He wants us to have victory over sin and be able to live with God's power inside of us. When we do we honor Him. When God is honored others will come to know Him!

Path Connection Prayer

Almighty God,

You are a awesome God. I praise You and honor You. I worship You and and I love You. Your love for me makes me happy and gives me great joy in my heart. May others see and know my joy!


1. Search to Save
2. Seek the Blessing
3. Lost Sheep
4. Seek the Lost
5. Praise the Savior

Happy Valentine's Day from Jesus!


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