Trail Blazer Daily Devotion

Path Seeker Verse
"Like a lost sheep, I've gone down the wrong path. Come and look for me, because I haven't forgotten to obey your commands"

Psalms 119:176

Path Finder Lesson

Lost Sheep

Sometimes we forget what Jesus has taught us for just a short time. His Holy Spirit will draw us back to God when He knows our hearts want to be with Him. When we have chosen to do what is wrong, we need to cry out to God to come and find us again. God never really looses us. He wants us to ask Him to forgive us. We are like lost sheep, in need of our Shepherd. He comes to rescue and take care of us again.


Path Connection Prayer

Precious Lord,

I want to do what is right, but when I do not, please always show me the way back to You. I want to stay in Your loving arms so You can care for me.


1. Search to Save
2. Seek the Blessing
3. Lost Sheep
4. Seek the Lost
5. Praise the Savior

Happy Valentine's Day from Jesus!

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