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Path Seeker Verse
"I spoke to the prophets. They saw many visions.
I gave you warnings through them"
Hosea 12:10

Path Finder Lesson

Prophet Vision

In the Old Testament God spoke to many prophets. A prophet was a man God would pick to take messages to His people. He showed them what was going to happen. They told the people. Today God uses His written Word to tell us how and what He will do. He never changes. We can know that what He has done before, He will do again. The Bible is our prophet vision.

Path Connection Prayer

Holy Father God,

You know everything. You show us in Your Word what You are like. You do not change. Thank You for sending Jesus and Your Word to us, so we can know You better!

In Jesus Name,


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2. Humbly Follow
3. Faith Brings Freedom
4. Prophet Vision
5. Return Flight



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