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Path Seeker Verse
"Now get up. Stand on your feet.
I have appeared to you to appoint you to serve me and be my witness.
You will tell others that you have seen me today.
You will also tell them that I will show myself to you again."

Acts 26:16

Path Finder Lesson

Get Up and Go tell!

God saved us. We are to tell others about the different ways God shows himself to us. He loves all people and wants them to know they can be forgiven of their sins. Because of Jesus, God is always with us. He is with us now, and He will be with us in heaven. God shows himself to us every day and we see His works. Get up and Go tell someone that Jesus is the Lord!

Path Connection Prayer

Father God,

Your work is wonderful. Your mercy is new every day. Help me to get up and go share Jesus with the world.




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