Daily Trail Blazer Devotion

Path Seeker Verse

"God, you have turned away from us. You have attacked us.
You have been angry. Now turn back to us."
Psalm 60:1

Path Finder Lesson

Favor Returned

God is Love. He knows how much trouble and pain is caused when we do not do what is right. Satan wants us to sin. God lets us choose to do what is right. When Satan tries to trick us, God can show us what is true. He can help us! When we admit our sins to Him and ask Him to forgive us, He can give us His blessings.

Path Connection Prayer

Almighty God,

You know everything. You care about me. I know You want my life to be special. When I am doing wrong, I want You to show me what is right. I want to be blessed by You.


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