Daily Trail Blazer Devotions

Path Seeker Verse
" Doing what is right will bring peace and rest,
When my people do that, they will stay calm
and trust in the LORD forever."
Isaiah 32:17

Path Finder Lesson

Confident Peace

When we are living with God's perfect peace, our hearts will be calm. When we are upset with others, it is hard to stay in God's perfect peace. Asking for God to help us act with in the right ways, like Jesus would act, will bring the power we need to keep us cool and calm when things look bad around us.


Path Connection Prayer

Heavenly Father,

Sometimes I get upset with others. I know I need You to help me stay at peace when I get angry. Help me to choose to act right. You can make me feel calm when I make good choices!

I ask this in Jesus name,




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