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"The ABC's of Joshua's World"

A child with special needs and many disabilities tells of is life!

all copyrights reserved by Gramma Cherbear


Perhaps you have seen him, or a child much like him in your school. He cannot hear or speak and he needs to be diapered and fed. He can walk a little way, but needs help most of the time.
Joshua is now 29, but he thinks and acts like a one or two year old.
If you do not hear the music and see the music player below,
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Joshua is a very special child.

I thought you should know,
Joshua is a JOY,
to all of those who love and care for him.

"The ABC's of Joshua's World"

Text and Illustrations by Gramma Cherbear
Do Not Copy © 1998 reserved by Cherbear

A is for ANGELS

I laugh and play when no one is near.

Do you think the ANGELS are here?





I cannot count but I hope you'll agree,

BLESSINGS are mine when you pray for me.



C is for CRAWL


When I'm at home I like to CRAWL.

I move faster and I will not fall.



D is for DAD


My DAD's face is not soft like my Mom's.

But He cuddles gently with me in his arms.



E is for EARS


My EARS are silent, they hear not a peep.

My thoughts stay inside and are mine to keep.



F is for FLOOR


My backbone is crooked. Chairs bother me.

I play on the FLOOR where I can feel free.



G is for GYM


In GYM class I practice walking alone.

A helper watches so I will not roam.



H is for HELMET

Some things are dangerous or harmful to me.

My HELMET is sometimes a necessity.





INJURIES I suffer by my own hand.

I hit when I hurt. I don't understand.



J is for JOY


I think like a baby. I'm truly a JOY,

Although, I am really a teenage boy.



J is for JESUS

JESUS loves me. He'll comfort and care.

I cannot see Him, but I know He is there.





The KINDNESS of others helps my family.

A kind word or deed they'll accept happily.



L is for LAUGH


When I LAUGH, it's a joyful sound.

If I am happy, there are smiles all around.



M is for MOM

MOM makes me laugh. She is soft like a dove.

God knew she would give unconditional love.



N is for NUMBER


God cares for the birds. By his hands they are fed.

He's counted the NUMBER of hairs on my head.



O is for OUTSIDE


When going OUTSIDE, I will try to run.

Swinging in my glider is so much fun.



P is for PEACE


PEACE comes from Jesus. My pain He feels.

Whenever I'm sick, it's His power that heals.





QUESTION my parents and they will share.

Don't be afraid. It will show that you care.



R is for ROOM


I like a place that is just for me.

My ROOM is where I want to be.


S is for STARE


I belong to Jesus, forever in His care.

I'll be perfect in heaven and no one will STARE.





I jump on my TRAMPOLINE for play.

Crawling under it really makes my day.



U is for UP


Walking UP stairs will help me grow strong.

Watch me close or I'll slide down them all day long.



V is for VIBRATE


Things that VIBRATE will shake and jiggle.

They are so quick to make me giggle.



W is for WHEELS


WHEELS that turn are the toys I like best.

I will play for hours and then I will rest.



X is for X-RAYS


Doctors take X-RAYS, sometimes three or four.

Getting me to hold still can be quite a chore.



Y is for YELL


When I'm excited and I cannot tell,

I take a deep breath and let out a big YELL.



Z is for ZZZZZ's


A hard day at school, a long bus ride home,

Nap time comes and the ZZZZZ's go on...


and.... on.


Gramma Cherbear's writing started with this wonderful poem dedicated to Joshua.
Please read this inspiration given to me by the Lord!

Joshua, God's Design

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