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"God Gave Us Colors" was originally written for the children of Africa to teach them words for colors. They speak Lingala (ling-gah-lah) near Zaire (zi-ear). In their language they have a word for white, a word for black, and a word that covers all other colors. Gretchen Samuelson, a missionary to Zaire, Africa, gave them the French words for brown and all the Colors of the rainbow. I illustrated the story in their culture. I am currently interested in finding a publisher for this version targeted to American children. Until then, I thought you'd like to read it and see the bright illustrations, while you learn about the culture of the African children!

© 1999 Cherbear

Text revision and Illustrations by Cherbear Do Not Copy, Print or Use on the Net, © 1998 reserved by Cherbear

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Translation in Lingala for African Students

Nzambe Apesi Bisco Langi

Original Book Text
God Gave Us Colors
Text by Gretchen Samuelson


God gave us beautiful colors!

What is red?
Tomatoes are red.
Look at the peppers, and some pilipili.
Be careful! Pilipili is very hot!

What is pink? Look up!
Before the sun goes to bed,
God gives it a pink blanket.
Good night, Mr. Sun. Sleep well.

Orange is bright!
My shirt has orange stripes.
Mama cooks good food with palm oil.
After eating it, my mouth turns orange too.

Yellow is the color of bananas.
Monkeys like bananas.
Do you like yellow bananas too?
The flowers of the banana plant are purple.
Other flowers are purple too.

Do you see green?
The grass and the leaves are green.
When I go outside, I see green everywhere.
What is brown?
Tree trunks are brown, the path is brown,
& my mother's pretty face is brown.

Blue is so pretty.
That's why God put blue over everything.
Look at the sky, is it blue today?
The clouds are puffy and white. That cloud looks like an animal,
And I see my home! Maybe the cloud became a tree
and after awhile it runs away.

Black is the color of my hair,
and of my brothers hair.
My best friend has black hair too!
Charcoal is black,
and the neighbor's cat is a black cat.

After a rain I look for a rainbow
with lots of colors across the blue sky.
Then I say, "Thank you God,
You gave us a beautiful world."
The End

Translation in Lingala for African Students

Nzambe Apesi Bisco Langi

To see the full color illustrations, you will need to see the US  "Colors for Africa" version !
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